Elevator Litigation

Upon graduating from Georgia Tech, Mr. Saacke was first employed by Otis Elevator Company in their southeastern region in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr. Saacke worked in the field with construction in the new installation of geared and gearless units, on the modernization of existing units, and with field adjusters. Mr. Saacke spent six months at the Otis headquarters in New York undergoing their rigorous training program following which he worked in the Atlanta office and then in new equipment and service sales in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mr. Saacke has handled the defense of cases involving elevators and escalators with public entities in both state and federal courts. Numerous manufacturer’s products have been handled through equipment operated by both public entities and this defendant’s retail clients.

In addition, Mr. Saacke has represented small independent elevator maintenance companies through various insurers, as well as handling geared, gearless and hydraulic elevator litigation for various national and international elevator companies.